Linda Hanxhari

Linda Hanxhari is the Prime Finance Office Manager and Senior Project Coordinator. In addition, she manages the New York office and assists our investing teams with due diligence and transaction management. She is also involved in asset management and works closely with our loan servicers, lenders and underlying borrowers on monitoring investment performance, updating reporting and tracking loan payments. Prior to joining Prime Finance in 2008, Linda was an executive assistant at Innisfree M & A Incorporated, a New York-based proxy solicitation firm. Prior to that, she worked with Prime Finance principals Jon Brayshaw, Scott Douglass and Steve Gerstung at Natixis Capital Markets in a similar capacity. At both firms, Linda worked closely with a number of senior executives in helping to manage the office, travel logistics, expense tracking and accounting, as well as scheduling, and various marketing-related activities. Linda holds a B. S. and an MBA from State University of New York.

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