Investment Criteria: Our Blueprint for Success

Prime Residential is one of the most active apartment investors in the United States. As a private enterprise with substantial financial resources, we evaluate and complete acquisitions with speed and certainty. In fact, we regularly close new investments in less than 30 days and take pride in our reputation as a very reliable buyer.


Although we are always open to new ideas, our multifamily investments generally meet the following criteria:



We are a national investor, with particular focus on properties in major metropolitan areas in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington.



We invest in a wide variety of multifamily properties, and do not have firm age or quality requirements. Transactions in excess of $20 million are ideal, but we will consider smaller opportunities in certain circumstances.



Prime Residential is a flexible investor, open to joint ventures, partnership interest purchases and other creative structures. We can close "all cash" and do not have hidden financing contingencies.

Please submit potential investment opportunities to:
415.986.4518 (f)